Frequently asked

Are all your rental flowers fresh or fake?


We prefer sustainable (ahem). Our flowers are made from amazing materials that fool the eye, and are even modestly scented. More importantly, they look amazing in person for your guests and in photos. Lets face it. Years from now when you are snuggled up with your sweetie looking at your wedding photos you are gonna feel like a genius. All those amazing flowers in every shot and not one overdue credit card bill.
Can I select a fresh flower package without a rental package?

Short answer: No. Long explanation: We
want to bring savings and ease to as many people as possible, so we stick to what we do best! Rentals give us the opportunity to eliminate waste, deliver direct to you and still give you the finest fresh flowers if you want to add them to your design.

Do rentals save me money?

Heck yeah! If you love flowers, we can give you so much more for so much less! Our packages for 15 guest tables and a head table start at $800.00. 

Can I really handle setting up my own décor?

Really, please take our advice and don’t do your own set up. Pick your BFF. How about your Mom? She gave you life, right? She might love to decorate your wedding! All kidding aside, make sure you have a dedicated person to handle your set up, a proper vehicle to transport your items, and a safe location to have the items delivered because we want this to be easy and fun for you, and we want everything to arrive and return safely.

When will my décor arrive?

The Thursday before your wedding, we will deliver to the home or business of your dedicated décor person. If you choose a fresh ceremony package, we will coordinate that delivery with you in a separate agreement; otherwise, your ceremony décor will be delivered on Thursday along with your reception package . Fresh packages are delivered on the day of your wedding, at your designated delivery location.

How do I return the décor?

When you schedule your delivery, we will schedule the pick up for the following Monday. We will pick up from the designated location at the time scheduled. Please be aware that there will be a $150.00 missed pick up charge if you do not have the flowers available at the designated pick up appointment, so choose this appointment carefully!

Do the flowers and décor items look exactly like the pictures?

We take very detailed pictures and video and they are exact when it comes to our inventory. If, for any reason, we make a substitution or replacement, we will give you an option to approve those changes. Otherwise, what you see is what you get!

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