Wedding flowers silk and handmade by flowersmith studio

How to Make your Wedding Dreamy with Silk Flowers

Once upon a time, the idea of silk flowers for wedding decor meant “low-budget” or “DIY” or (gasp) “tacky”. Full disclosure, I used to be with you if you thought that. I was formally trained as a fresh florist, and over many years, had designed for every occasion you can think of, all with fresh flowers. Purely out of happenstance, over 17 years ago, I stumbled across the preserved roses that were popular in Asia. I used them for a past business, and when I sold that business, I put the flowers away and moved on. Years later, when I unpacked them, to my surprise, they were still perfect! So I started playing with them, adding fresh, and searching for other long lasting materials to craft along with the still-perfect roses.


So a journey began. The industry had changed! Gone were the days when only, cheap, tacky silk and paper flowers embarrassed me with their pseudo “life-like” fail. The new items were stunning. And it seemed so few people knew that they were available! Why? Well, guys – they aint cheap. The stuff you find in big box stores (sometimes there can be a real find there though) is bulk produced and not very impressive. Once I started searching for only quality, life-like and hand made items, a whole new world opened up. But the price was steep to imagine selling these items in a retail location, and the online thing was daunting.

Oh, but weddings! Everyone loves Pinterest dream weddings, and everyone is shocked when they learn about how many flowers go into those creations, and what the price tag will take out of your wedding budget.

And so I embarked on the most epic hoarding spree of my life. Boxes and boxes and storage units later, our inventory went live and my efforts to impress and educate my clients began. No kidding, it can be hard. But I am proud to say that most everyone changes their tune in an almighty hurry when they see the proof. So here we are, in lovely Brighton, Michigan just waiting to convert you. Take the challenge, be open minded. Spend your precious fresh flower budget on your bridal bouquet, your boutonnieres and some select blooms you love above all else. And then let us create those dreamy Pinterest flower walls, hanging floral chandeliers, candelabras dripping with blooms out of the most jaw-dropping handmade and silks you’ve ever seen. Less waste, more abundance and your guests will think you spent a fortune. (Wink). I’ll never tell.



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