Becoming an Eco-Friendly Florist – By Accident

So, this post has been a long time coming! I have been working on explaining my approach to floristry, weddings and flowers in general for so long, that I forget that the internet doesn’t exactly sit in on all my conversations. Not everyone has the same definition of Eco-Friendly, and not everyone even cares! But this is for you, reader, if you’ve ever wondered how you can have your wedding flower cake, and eat it too.

When I first started collecting hand-made and silk flowers, I confess, my focus was not on the environment. I was a fresh florist for years, and wanted to re-enter the wedding design business, but the industry had undergone so many changes. I seriously wondered if I could find a way to design the style of weddings I loved to do, and still serve my community of couples who didn’t want to spend too much, or waste too much.


It started small, with truly amazing roses like these:


I used them for family and friends’ events, and again a confession, myself. I loved them. They always looked fresh, I enjoyed them in different vases and arrangements over and over again. They never failed to amaze people when I told them they weren’t fresh.

That’s when my Bachelor’s Degree in Business finally paid off. (maybe) I thought “yes they are expensive” and “yes they take a very long process to color, stem and arrange them”. But the possibilities were endless if I could just bring them to the right people who would value the time and artistry it took to create them. People who didn’t want to buy them. My ideal clients would rather to use them for events when fresh flowers may be out-of-budget, or out of line with the idea of an lower impact wedding.

So the bottom line is – I confess I may have started out a hoarder of beautiful things. My beautiful things go out into the world, make an event fabulous and incredibly lovely, and never end up in a dumpster. I still love fresh flowers, and use them in almost every wedding, but only where they make a special impact with their intended use, their fleeting, unique beauty emphasized in a bridal bouquet or delicate corsage. And like the saying goes, the flowers I lovingly created by hand come back to me because I let them go. To a bridal shower, or baby’s first birthday, or a wedding celebration. And with them comes all the joy I feel to see them again, design them again, and make people happy over and over. Less waste, more happy. Perfect job.


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