A quick look into comparing options for bridal shower

Today we are putting together some options for a bridal shower client and I wanted to use the opportunity to highlight the process. The colors are pinks, and the vessel is gold and the overall look is very romantic.

One option: On stem of fresh hydrangea, 3 stems of roses: cost $20.00 per arrangement.

Second option is 1 fresh stem of hydrangea, and little more color with 1/2 dozen roses : $30.00

Third option 4 stems art hydrangea, 12 stems art roses : also $30.00


In all these pictures our art roses stand in for fresh, but that was for illustration purposes. In the first two pictures, the bride will keep all the fresh flowers (hydrangea and roses) as most florists traditionally do. In the final picture, FlowerSmith would bring the art flowers back to the studio and they will not be thrown away; the reason we can do so much more for the same budget.

All are great options, the deciding factors are the same as always:  budget, design style and waste.


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