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Starting from an early age (17!), I have been working in the floral world in one way or another. Like a bunch of us out here, I never really thought I would make a career of “playing” with flowers. My first job in the industry was a with a well-established, retail florist where I was provided a solid foundation of basics and business training.

So off to college I went, earning a degree in Business and International Studies and the corporate world was my oyster. I learned a ton, traveled some, and decided the office life was not for me.

Back to the wedding world I went, and started my own business creating for brides in the 1990’s. Three kids later, I sold the business and got down to the hard work of full time mothering.

Now I am back, with the same small people now grown and helping me run my creative business. But so much has changed! So many suppliers and products to choose from, and so many of my friends in the industry trying to make heads or tails of social media, Pinterest dreams (it used to be Martha Stewart Wedding dreams!) and DIY.

I wanted to do something different. I wanted my business to be a win-win. I get to work with the most amazing materials and artisan products. My clients get to choose from a carefully curated collection of luxury rentals, handmade petals and blooms, and floral impostors indistinguishable from nature’s counterparts. Add opulent fresh elements and our custom designed floral panels and statement pieces to make any wedding Pin worthy. 

Too many flowers.

Said no one ever.

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Every little effort can be meaningful when it comes to resources. Even if it really is just a little thing. So our win-win approach is that our floral creations can be custom tailored for individual weddings, and shared as a community because we redesign them. Every hand crafted flower that we "bring to life" can eliminate unnecessary waste, and at the same time encourage the boutique farm growers as they provide us with the delicate or unique flourishes we love in fresh flowers. So our "little thing" is that big idea.

Our inspiration comes from romantic, artistic wedding photography. A fantastic piece of art is built from the background out, and your wedding story is no different. Like a quality canvas, our inventory of beautiful items create the foundation of your design. Then with all the flourish of a painter, we add the details of color, scent and texture that make it a masterpiece. Nothing left to do but admire the the timeless, enduring images of your day.



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